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 Play Quicker

 Think Quicker

"Train Your Mind 
And Your Body Will Follow"

1 on 1 Training: Improving your

awareness in soccer.

We provide all the training needed

to help improve your game

through unique drills and equipment!

Our drills are designed to

achieve success for players

 any level and age!

Our goal is to help players think

and play faster! 

Emilio (Professional Player for Adodenhaag in Holland
        Luca Bradely
  (Michael Bradley Son)


Mason and Dylan Vanney
   (TFC Head Coach 
  Greg Vanney Sons)




1 on 1

We provide individual attention working on improving your awareness, reaction, speed by training decision making  and vision!

Team/Small Group Training

We provide team training's and small group training's! This training will focus more on team awareness and game situations/ decision making!


Highlight Videos

We provide a highlight video for players use to for scouting,etc. We also provide editing videos showing clips of the player's games focusing on the plays where they used or could've used awareness.

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Sijad Yaqubi


Sijad Yaqubi has been coaching for over 10 years! Sijad believes that awareness is the secret of developing better and smarter players! His goal is to have all players being acknowledged, that having good awareness is the key to becoming a better and smarter soccer player!

Farshad Yaqubi


Farshad Yaqubi is very a passionate for soccer coach! With his 10 years experience, he has alot to offer.  His goal is to help players in  Canada reach their dreams! He believes training awareness is what's missing in Canada!  Farshad's goal is to help players become aware of the importance of being aware on the field and knowing your next move!

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